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Every December, thousands of people from the surrounding area and visitors from all over the country come to the Christmas Valley to get in the mood for the holidays. Music lovers will not want to miss Christmas in the Valley, a live music series hosted by the Central Kentucky Music Festival (CKMF) and the CCCV Music Society.

Brentwood has a number of designated green spaces where you can relax in the tranquility of your old Kentucky home. Guests can choose from a variety of green spaces for their home, including one on a working farm and one on the grounds of a historic house.

Oldham County is best known as home to one of the most famous and beautiful subdivisions in the entire state of Kentucky, Brentwood. This subdivision is located on the rolling hills of Oldham County in eastern Kentucky and was established in 1924 as a result of a land grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The subdivision consists of a mixture of single-family houses, terraced houses, duplexes and terraced houses as well as several commercial and industrial buildings.

The 150-year-old farm offers farm-to-table freshness in the dining rooms of popular Louisville restaurants. Add to that the additional 3rd Turn Brewing in Oldham Gardens, where there's always something on tap, from the typical brews to a great menu. Don't miss the wide selection of local craft beers, wine and food at 3nd turn Brewing and OldHAM Gardens, to name a few.

Finally, golfers can work on their swing and then take the opportunity to learn more about the history of Oldham Gardens and its history as a tourist attraction. Go back to nature for a day of hiking and camping (two days, to be precise) in the woods, or if you want to take the time to explore this one Kentucky-style attraction, read our previous article. If you stay at OldHAM, you can plan your stay in advance by planning your itinerary and day.

Life on a Kentucky farm is slow, hard and offers the most delicious harvest without the use of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.

Yew Dell's garden has a personal collection, including a large collection of horses, horse breeding equipment and a variety of other items. This historic thoroughbred farm is an extension of Windy Meadows Horse Farm's breeding and breeding program, which is being conducted in partnership with the Kentucky Horse and Pedestrian Society and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. To showcase the breed, we learn more about the history of this special farm featured in Hallmark's latest film. For horse lovers, a visit to WindY Meadows horse farm offers the chance to tell a great story through the eyes of the animals on the windy meadow.

Set on an eight-acre farm, Kentucky B & B - award-winning accommodation - also offers horses for the best of staying. A rarity in Kentucky, where guest horses can look forward to kicking their companions off their hooves after a long journey in the show trailer. Speaking of barns, you will find a private dining area where you can dine in a renovated horse stable. You will also find a small tasting room where you can sample some of the bourbons on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky as you ride along the trail.

For more information about Kentucky horse lovers, visit the Kentucky Horse and Horse Show, one of the largest horse shows in the United States. There are attractions such as the Louisville Derby, Kentucky Derby Hall of Fame and Kentucky State Horse Park. Foodie Farm - to - garden tours around the farm are also fabulous, which is bebe fabulous.

With your watchful eyes, you can spot the Colgate clock in Clarksville, Indiana, which can be spotted under your watch. Visitors can wander through the light - covered museums and botanical gardens that give them a glimpse of Kentucky's past, present and future. Discover the Christmas decorations and nativity scenes, including a lively nativity scene exhibition, enjoy activities for children such as crafts and coloring, and listen to local choirs singing Christmas carols.

Louisville residents and visitors can catch a glimpse of some of the most famous artists and their work at the Kentucky Center for the Arts year-round. In Lexington, residents and visitors can watch the annual Kentucky State Fair, a celebration of the state's history and culture.

The Renfro Valley Entertainment Center has two barn theatres, where live gospel, country and bluegrass acts perform to audiences.

In fact, many of the attractions you will visit are the nobler things you will only find in Oldham, Kentucky. Guests are attracted to the award-winning Botanical Garden, Kentucky Museum of Natural History and Bluegrass State Museum, which attracts guests from around the country. Kentucky - What's there to do, including a visit to Kentucky State University and a tour of Oldman's Farm? You'll have no doubt that you know the person you # know. Ve found everything. In addition to the many attractions and museums OldHAM offers 15 different farm tours with a variety of gastronomic offers.

More About Crestwood

More About Crestwood