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Kate Matthews, a pioneer of photography, was born in New Albany, Indiana, in 1870 and spent her life in Oldham County. Her parents bought a house in the Pewee Valley in 1880 and Kate, who never married, lived in Clovercroft until her death in 1956. Crestwood, KY has been named one of the 100 Best Places in the United States by CNN.

The couple raised the Herefords and, after moving to Cincinnati and then Baltimore, founded the Commercial Credit Company, which became the second-largest company in the country. Fanelli also owned a construction company called Waterbury Brothers and ran a hardware store in Middletown. He returned to the Coxs Quarry on weekends, but was also a board member of the Ohio State Bank of Cincinnati.

In the next few years, Bibb gave lectures on slavery and campaigned for the Liberty Party in Michigan. He later wrote a book about his experiences in Kentucky, including a visit to Westport in Oldham County, Kentucky.

The scholarships of the last decade have confirmed the importance of Bibb's contributions to the history of slavery in the United States and Kentucky. See FamilySearch Catalog of Places and Search for instructions, or do your own research for Kentucky Birth Records, Birth and Death Records. Links to index images can be found under "How to find Kentucky birth certificates," "How to find Kentucky death certificates," and "How to find Kentucky birth certificates." For more information on locating microfilms, visit the Kentucky Historical Society website.

An animated map illustrating the boundary changes in Kentucky County can be found under "Kentucky County Boundary Changes" on the Kentucky Historical Society website under "Rotating Formation." For more information about Kentucky counties and their boundaries, visit the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Oldham County Historical Society website under "Kentucky County Boundary Changes" takes you through the history of Kentucky County and its boundaries in the past.

For the maintenance of Chapel Cemetery, Mr. Duncan has set up a tax-deductible estate managed by PNC Bank. He said the money will be used to maintain and operate the cemetery, as well as for the Oldham County Historical Society and the Kentucky County Genealogy Courthouse. The original marriage records are kept in the state archives, while the divorce records from 1849 to 1958 are kept in the Old Hamptons County Circuit Court. Probate Records keeps records of all marriages and divorces in Kentucky counties from the 18th century to the present day and is housed in the Oldham County Kentucky Genealogies Cour courthouse.

The church had no official presence in Kentucky until the following decade, when the US Civil War raged across the state. Although Kentucky passed laws requiring the registration of births and deaths in 1852 and 1862, many counties did not comply until after the war, according to the Oldham County Historical Society. The Civil War led to a significant increase in land transfers between the United States and the Confederate States, including the annexation of parts of Kentucky by the Confederacy in 1861 and its secession from the Union. As the land passed into private ownership, the subsequent transactions were recorded in the county courthouses where the files are currently kept.

At the northeast corner of today's cemetery, the old Louisville - Frankfurt Road, which boosted trade here, ran through the east side of Oldham County, and then through the west side, to the north side and east of Louisville.

The property included a mill and a country estate in County Argyle, Scotland, where one of Scotland's most famous mills, the St. Andrews Mill, was located.

South Oldham County is widely regarded as the beautiful hilly farmland located in the eastern part of the county, south of Western Kentucky and east of Old Manchester. South Carolina High School is ranked second in Kentucky in this district, behind the University of Southern Kentucky.

The interest that this has generated among local residents has provided us with many educational opportunities, "said Dr. John F. Fanelli, principal of South Carolina High School. The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 25 September at the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet. It includes a keynote address by former U.S. Senator Vincent C. Delaney, a catering dinner, and a speech by the Rev. William J. Manning, pastor of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Old Manchester. Fanelli will receive his award for his efforts on Friday, September 25, from the Southern Kentucky University Board of Trustees and the Kentucky School Boards of Education.

The Oldham County Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet on Friday, September 25, at Old Manchester High School in Oldham, Kentucky.

The name of the town, La Grange, was chosen to honour the French estate of the Marquis de Lafayette. The name of the town was originally chosen for its proximity to the Oldham County Courthouse, which honors Old Manchester, Kentucky, and its history as a French settlement.

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More About Crestwood