Crestwood Kentucky Museums

The Kentucky Museum of Natural History and the Kentucky State Museum are both gracious and open to all. The Kentucky Museums of National Historic Landmarks and the Kenton County Museum are all pet-friendly.

The Hawthorn Suites in Wyndham Louisville welcome two pets up to 80 lbs and three pets of any size are welcome for an additional fee of $25 per pet per stay. The Best Western at Louisville Airport welcomes two dogs over 80 lb at no extra charge and 15 pets per night. Two pets over 25 lbs are welcome at no extra charge and two nights with pets at Louisville International Airport for $15 per dog or $20 for a pet. Three pets and all sizes are welcome for an additional two nights and one night at the hotel for $30.

The La Quinta Inn in Louisville welcomes two pets up to 50 lbs and three pets of any size are allowed for two additional nights and one night at the hotel for $30 per pet per stay. The Ramada Louisville East allows two dogs over 80 lbs at no extra charge and five pets per night for a total of $20 per dog or $25 per pet.

The 21C Museum Hotel welcomes two pets of any size for an additional fee of $75 per stay. If you are looking for a little adventure outside the museum, you can visit the petting zoo, ride the zip wire or take your pet for a walk through the museum's botanical garden.

If you decide to venture out into the world, you will find original art created by renowned Kentucky artists. If you want to combine art and alcohol consumption, you should visit one of the many events at the 21C Museum Hotel on Saturday evening.

To truly explore the history of the Appalachian Mountains and eastern Kentucky, the effects of coal mining in the region must be understood, and visitors to the Kentucky Coal Museum in Benham can do just that. After browsing through the museum's exhibits, visitors can take a tour of the disused mines to get a sense of what life was like before they forgot. There is something new and interesting to see in every museum, but the National Quilt Museum is a great place to visit on your trip to Kentucky, for hobbyists and people who just want to see the results of a lot of time, care and effort.

The museum has a collection of whiskey memorabilia that takes visitors from pre-colonial times to the era of Prohibition, Prohibition and beyond. It also shows the growing collections of ancient whiskies and vintage whiskies, as well as the history of the Kentucky whisky industry.

It is a pretty neighborhood with parks and a racetrack, but the entire collection is set in the rolling hills of Beechmont Park, where cows, horses, cows and horses frolic. The park, the stables and the beautiful views of the Louisville River and the Louisville skyline help it stand out from other Louisville neighborhoods.

This road trip takes you to four castles, which are certainly some of the most unique excursions you can make. Last but not least, CastlePost offers a tour of one of Kentucky's most famous castles, the Castle of St. George. The castle with its own museum is exhibited and the road - an excursion to the castle itself - is visited.

Some are within sight, while others are hidden in a beautiful park, but all are magical and worth a visit. To the left of the barn at Twin Lakes is a wooden tobacco barn built in the early 20th century on 22 acres of grassland in Maples Park, making it an ideal place to take a photo. This 4-Seasons Barn was built to sit on a 22-acre mapling park, with a dairy cattle shed from about 1905 that previously stood in the same place. It was restored by the Caldwell family, who lived there for many years, as did many of their descendants.

The Gywnns brought their family from Woodford County to Hardin County and Elizabethtown in the 1860s, where the four remaining children were born. During this time, the professor and his son moved to a 180-hectare farm, where they specialized in poultry farming.

The Sanctuary House on the 100 hectares of grounds is a popular base, but there is also a nature centre. Windy Meadows offers a farm for farm horses, a museum, an outdoor amphitheater and a picnic area. Just a short drive from Hardin County and Elizabethtown, Kentucky, this hotel offers the perfect environment for Kentucky. Don't forget to explore the beautiful parks of this esteemed state park, which also houses nature centres!

The permanent exhibition, located on the third floor, tells stories of people, places and milestones that have shaped Kentucky's history from its origins to the present day. Visitors can also take a look at the vast collection of bottles that includes all the brands currently produced in the state of Kentucky.

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More About Crestwood